Friday, June 19, 2020

Making contribution towards a good goal in comextrades

We are making contribution to invest in the 100 days package that cost 500$ with 6500% return on investment in comextrades

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 100$ get 20% of the profit
200$gets 40% of the profit

This is how we will share the return so whatever your contributions you can participate.
This is the pursue we will use

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With your
2.Phone number
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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Reliable stable tested and trusted investment company

Reliable stable tested and trusted paying investment company

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Friday, June 12, 2020

My today star message


Most people are afraid to take chances, but not you. Living life to the fullest has always been your guiding light. If that means getting rejected or being embarrassed, so be it. People admire your courage, but they may also be a little intimidated by it. Only those who share your affinity for extremes can withstand your heat -- that’s why your social circle is small but intense. If there's something you need to get off your chest now, turn to one of these like-minded friends. They understand your true nature and will accept you no matter what.

Essay on my work experience

My own definition based on understanding of marketing is that it is looking into challenges confronting any object or situation of your interest and looking inward and outward for how to offer solution to the challenge to the satisfaction of the consumer where you expect them to return again and patronize you.
Marketing is vast field and an enviable profession. I usually classify it into two field marketing and customer service representative and I have since focused my career path on customer service representative more than field marketing reason you will know in detail as we digress into the later part of this essay.
Customer service is the act of taking care of customers need by providing and delivering professional helpful high quality service and assistance before during and after the customer requirement are met.
Key to good customer service is building relationship with customers leaving them with a great impression by promoting a positive helpful and friendly environment. This is to ensure they return again.
Customer service representative interact with company customers to deal with complains, process order, and provide information the organization service and products.
Qualities of a good customer representative includes good communication, problem solving and computer skill.
A customer service representative aid customer with helpful information, answering questions and responding to compliant .They are front line support that ensure customers are satisfied with product and services.
Customer service representative needs a high school diploma or equivalent and receive on the job training to learn specific skill needed for the job .they generally should be good at communication and interacting with people and need some computer knowledge.
How to deal with an angry customer
Remain calm
Practice active listening
Repeat back what the customer say
Thank them for bringing the issue to your attention
Explain the step you would take to solve the problem
Set a follow up time
Be sincere
Highlight the case priority
Duty is a moral commitment to something or someone whereas responsibility is a condition of being responsible.

Eight Customer service skill and trait
1. Enthusiasm
2. Communication skill
3. Customer empathy/compassion
4. Patience
5. Stress management
6. Flexibility
7. Charisma
8. Company knowledge
Any business that aims at making customer service its strength must include this three element of customer service within it strategy 
1. Speed
2. Proactiveness
3. Personalization

Customer service involves much more than answering question over the phone 
1. You smile literally
2. Mirror a customer’s language and tone
3. Listen first, then validated the problem
4. Acknowledge the customer
5. Summarize the problem
6. Communicate hold times

Strategy to handle rude customer
1. Stay calm, don’t react
2. Don’t take it personally
3.  Listen, and Apologize
I started my career in my profession Marketing in  2011 after my one year national youth service corps at Nigeria capital city Abuja at NNPC towers Abuja where I service my country between 2007-2008.
I picked up my first job a contract job though as sim registeration officer in a telecom company Etisalat.
The job was highly challenging as you have to market sim card register and activate them walking under the sun looking for customers to buy.
We where each assigned to an outlet from where we collect sim card every morning to go and market in our chosen location as long as we bring in numbers.
Sometime we go in buses to nearby cities to sell and activate sim card in the street it was fun going in group meeting people shop by shop to buy and register sim with or network.
I was lucky to be assigned to a market place where there is high traffic of people  so the idea to work under an umbrella and table shop was not a bad idea.  see photo attachment at my duty post

I sold about 100 Sims in a day at that location that cause the company to increase my salary and promoted me after to an MNP officer where I work in an office no more under the sun.
On the job as an MNP officer my sole responsibility is to port phone line from other network provider to our own network we had to encourage customer to come over on our network highlighting some of our network promo to them since they don’t want to lose their line. it was a heavy competition amongst network provider in the country then no one want to lose their customers so there was a lot of  promotions by network provider we market this promo to attract people from other network  to port to our network. 
Then it was a contract job so in 2013 march the contract ended for some of us to reduce staff.
Then in 2015 I worked as a sales promoter for Tecno Phone Company. it was another exciting career opportunity to meet with people use product feature knowledge to market Tecno phone amidst other  highly competitive brands I am able to make a sale of minimum of 5 phones a day because I was in a very busy outlet.
Below is attachment of my picture on duty

Then I changed career line a bit in 2020 January I went into content writing with a media company called the vine Production. The first month task was to source for guest post through extracting email from a selected niche website and soliciting for guest post on their sites in other to get backup link for our own allocated website to manage I was given dog website to manage. Then when that didn’t work out fine we were asked to send comment on the website to get our faces sticked on the website owner’s face to later solicit for guest post. It has to be 50 comments in 50 different website a day. We worked over time to meet up with this target .unfortunately I didn’t meet up with the target the first month and I was shown the door.
I thought that was the end to my career until cracked up my brain and dived into marketing services for online investment companies. I was paid on commission the first company pays me 15% the second company pays me 10% so I became their online representative people call or email  me from all over inquiring about the company services and I recommend the company to them they invest I get paid my commission. Additionally I created group where I collect together all my contact and keep the all updated about the company and post payment proof.

I manage family life and work well throughout my work experience.

In conclusion choosing a career path is as hard as going through the career experiences itself. I studied marketing and path in this career field is not an easy one but can be fun meeting people of different caliber.
Nevertheless, I have high preference for customer service representative because I love meeting new people with different characters every day.